Share Trading

Acorn Agri and Food’s shares are traded over-the-counter as share transactions are negotiated directly and bilaterally between willing buyer and sellers of shares.

Acorn Agri and Food will, through its Share Administration Desk, facilitate the identification of willing buyers and sellers and act as administrator to provide the parties with the required documentation to facilitate transactions and to update its securities register after the conclusion of transactions.

How to Trade

Step 1

Register with Share Administration Desk

New shareholders and brokers are required to register with the Share Administration Desk before buying shares. The following documentation must be completed and submitted:

  • Registration form
  • Share Administration agreement
  • FICA documents
  • Dividend withholding tax form (for companies and close corporations)
  • The appointment of an authorised representative (for companies, close corporations and trusts)

Click the download link below to receive all the relevant documents.

Registration Forms
Share Administration Agreement
FICA documents
Dividend withholding tax form (for companies and close corporations)
Off Market Transactions
Transfer Forms

Step 2

Placing an Order

Using the Share Administration Desk

Contact the Share Administration Desk to publish the number of shares intended on buying or selling, and the required price, on the website.

Once a potential transaction has been identified, based on time and price priority, the Share Administration Desk will assist the buyer and seller to directly and bilaterally negotiate the transaction and will provide the parties with a pro forma sale agreement.

A contract note is provided to the buyer and seller reflecting the capital amount, relevant fees payable and the Security Transfer Tax, payable by the buyer.

Unless the shares are ceded to Acorn Agri and Food, the buyer pays the purchase price directly to the seller.


Negotiating without the Share Administration Desk

Buyers and sellers of shares may negotiate share sale transactions without involving the Share Administration Desk. Provided both parties are properly registered, the Share Administration Desk will only transfer the relevant shares from seller to the buyer on its securities register upon receipt of the following:

Share sale agreement, signed by both parties.

Share transfer form, signed by the seller

Confirmation that:

The buyer and seller have paid an administration fee, ranging from R250 as a minimum fee to a maximum fee of R5000, as indicated by the relevant contract note or invoice.

The buyer paid the Security Transfer Tax as indicated on the contract note;

The buyer paid the purchase price to: Acorn Agri & Food (if the shares are ceded to Acorn Agri & Food); OR The seller.

Closing of the Share Administration Desk, Termination and Cautionary Statements

All offers to sell and bids to buy shares will terminate automatically after 90 calendar days, unless a shorter period has been indicated by the buyer or seller. The Share Administration Desk annually closes on the 15th of December and reopens on the 2nd of January.

Partially matched bids and offers remain on the website until it is bought or sold, and terminates or is cancelled in writing.

Shareholders must take note of any cautionary statements issued by Acorn Agri and Food from time to time. Cautionary statements are published on the website.

Contact Us

The contact details of the Share Administration Desk are:


028 214 3800



028-212 1109


P O BOX 50,
Caledon, 7230

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