Buyers and Sellers

Acorn Agri and Food Share Administration Desk assist with the identification of willing Buyers & Sellers and the following Buyers & Sellers requested the Administration Desk to publish the number of shares they intend to buy or sell and the bid and offer price thereof.

For more information and assistance, please contact Amanda Potgieter, Valdine Joseph or Annmarie Steyn at:

Phone 028 214 3800.

Share Price Chart

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  • The graph includes all transfers made within the share register of Acorn Agri & Food. Not included are transfers where we are informed that they are between related parties because such transfers are sometimes concluded at a zero price. We do not wish to form an opinion on whether or not a particular transfer is at a market-related price. Transfers made within nominee companies are also excluded.
  • The shares have been split on the 2nd of May 2018 and therefore the share price before this date was adjusted to ensure an accurate comparison.
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